Decking & Fencing

Decking installation helps you to use the extra space outside your house in a well and efficient manner and makes your house and area look more spacious and gives it a perfect look.

When decks are created in the outside area you can enjoy the nature and they give you a soothing effect during different seasons.

GN Building Services has expert professionals who do garden decking installation in and around the West Midlands and give a complete different look to your garden and home.

GN Building Services make their best efforts to give your outside area a complete transformation and give it a different look.

So contact us so we can show you what we can do. Creating a new deck or giving a new look to your deck will add a great effect and also increase the market value of your property.

Deck services provided by GN Building Services

We can create a garden deck which will be in your budget and small and also multi-level decks which are expensive and will give a way different look to your outdoor area.

We provide a very good garden deck installation services as per your needs in an efficient manner and you are going to be definitely impressed by our professional services of garden decking installation.

We provide you with installers who are highly skilled in their work, and provide you with a quality result.

Every design of ours is customized and every deck is created according to your property by giving it a complete different look.

Right from the beginning we provide quality services whether it’s consulting with the client or designing right from scratch.

We completely excel your expectations, we firstly look at every dimension that what will be best for your garden and then start installing garden deck.

We look after everything which includes woodwork to give a beautiful effect to your garden and gives it a crisp finishing look, we also include staircases and trellises.

We also provide services to repair your garden deck and install new garden decks in and around the West Midlands

Installing a high class garden deck

We provide services which give you flexibility in installing garden decks which will be according to suitability.

We get the best out of your garden area and create a garden deck which will completely justify your garden and make it look the best, we make the complete use of your garden area.

We completely listen to your ideas and requirements and delivered you a garden deck which will be according to your budget and will fulfil all your requirements which you will be proud of and it will remain the same for years.

Quality Garden Decking

GN Building Services use materials of high quality to build garden decks.

We provide you with various options of garden decking from which you can choose according to your budget and style.

You can choose from our wide range of woods treated under pressures.

We guarantee a high standard finished garden deck.

GN Building Services believe in complete client satisfaction, if your priority is low maintenance then we will help you in choosing a garden deck which will reduce your effort for maintenance.

Our decking service is limitless

GN Building Services provide low level garden decks, we provide multi level wrap around decks, we provide patio decks, we provide sloping garden decks, we provide walkways, decking areas are provided for pools and hot tubs, combined summer houses are also provided and much more.