UPVC Windows & Doors

At GN Building Services we supply and install stylish quality UPVC double glazing that will give your home character and shape the atmosphere of the interior.

Our new generation of double glazed windows remain functional and retain a nice look without the need for expensive maintenance.

The new materials and technologies used to manufacture our windows allow for excellent sound and heat insulation, sustainable performance, easy maintenance and comfort.

Energy Efficiency

Our energy efficient double glazed units are manufactured using the latest technology in glass and spacer units, which not only allows heat generated from inside your home to be reflected back into the room but also traps heat through solar gain, thus maximising the thermal performance of the windows.

The economic and energy-saving properties contribute not only to lower heating costs, but also to reduce air pollution and help to preserve the ozone layer.

Our Duraflex UPVC double glazed windows are characterised by very high performance static and thermal insulation because of the Q-Lon weatherseal gasket and multi-chamber construction (pictured above).

The Q-Lon gasket has a 99% compression recovery and retains its shape year after year, which means the quality of the seal on your windows is not compromised and gives the best acoustic and thermal performance.

The multi-chamber construction of our UPVC windows is designed to improve strength, thermal and acoustic performance by eliminating heat and sound transfer across the frame.

The combination of the glazing, spacers, seals and frame design results in a window which reduces noise pollution levels, offers excellent protection from draughts and helps improve thermal efficiency.


Our range of UPVC double glazed windows are fitted with Yale high security shootbolt window locks which ensure unrivalled protection for your home.

As a reputable market leader in home security, Yale have developed and produced locks of the highest specifications to deliver optimal levels of practical performance, weatherproofing and security; making safeguarding your home from both the elements and intruders easy.


We offer a range of choices for our double glazed units in addition to the standard bright white double glazed window units. Our UPVC double glazed windows are also available in one-sided and double-sided wood-like veneers and a choice of colours.

Another great advantage of our windows are their unique colour stability, even after many years of use our windows stand out amongst others because they maintain their colour.